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POW POW!  We are now booking Alfred Braun and Gothic hut trips for April 2014 and on, as well as hikes from Crested Butte to Aspen for this summer.

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Colorado Backcountry is a PREMIER GUIDE SERVICE offering the best in adventure travel.  Located in Crested Butte, Colorado, we specialize in custom Colorado hiking and mountain biking tours.  We cater to adventurous and inquisitive people of all ages.  Join us for a day of Crested Butte's best mountain biking, a stroll through the famous Crested Butte wildflowers, an evening picnic, or an all inclusive dream vacation.


We’ll set up your hikes or rides with the right blend of mileage, pace, scenery, and environment.  Tell us your interests and we can provide interpretive talks on geology, local history, ecology, wildlife, botany, or land management.  We’ll get to know your tastes and from there we can book the right bed & breakfast, hotel, lodge or vacation rental, or we can set you up at the right restaurant.  By choosing Colorado Backcountry, you’ll get to tap into over a decade of local knowledge to make the most of your vacation!


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Our route planning and consulting services are available for hiking, biking, or multi-sport adventures.  We’ll provide all the details you need to run the show yourself including digital maps, GPS waypoints, camping options, scenic points, water sources, trailhead logistics, and permit information. 


Our SHERPA SERVICE may be just what you need if you’ve got your own game plan, don’t need a guide, but need some logistical support.  We can take care of shuttles, establish a base camp, prepare meals, or simply hump gear.